Three Initiatives, One Goal:

Help Businesses Thrive

The Netherlands, the US and the UK have recently launched initiatives to strengthen small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) by encouraging supplier financing solutions. These initiatives improve the financing options of companies and give them access to the working capital they need for growth.


Pay Me Now

The Pay Me Now (Betaal Me Nu) initiative was introduced by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2014. It aims to support local, small businesses with solutions to get payments on early terms at attractive financing rates.



Launched by the White House in 2014, SupplierPay is a partnership with the Small Business Administration (SBA) to strengthen small businesses by improving working capital, positively impacting the economy and employment rate.


Supply Chain Finance Scheme

The UK was one of the first countries to launch a Supply Chain Finance (SCF) initiative. Prime Minister David Cameron announced the ground-breaking scheme in 2012 providing a multi-billion boost for UK supply chains to help small businesses.

Download the New White Paper on Supply Chain Finance in Europe.

SupplierFinanceSCFEuropeThumbThis white paper provides you with an overview of the Supply Chain Market in Europe highlighting ways

working capital trapped in supply chains can be unlocked with such solutions.

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How Do Companies Implement A Win-Win Solution?

A key element of supplier finance initiatives consists of improving working capital, sharing best practices, offering attractive financing and implementing solutions for both the buying organizations and their suppliers. Solutions used to support businesses around the world include supply chain finance, dynamic discounting and accounts receivable finance.



Dynamic Discounting

Read a white paper containing expert analysis on dynamic discounting.



Supply Chain Finance

Read a white paper by a leading expert on the structure and benefits of supply chain finance.



Accounts Receivable Finance

Read a white paper on the benefits of accounts receivable finance.

Substantial Benefits To Buyers And Suppliers



Optimize Working Capital
Improve Supplier Relationships
Reduce Risk of Supply Chain Disruptions



Finance Receivables At Attractive Funding Rates
Improve Working Capital By Getting Paid Earlier
Have Visibility On Invoices